An Adventure Lover’s Guide to Niagara Falls

Few destinations offer such a wealth of outdoor fun for thrill-seekers. Hike, bike, fish and helicopter your way through Niagara Falls USA!

Jet Boat Niagara Falls USA's Waterways

Prepare to get wet! For a soaking good time, don your gear and get ready to navigate the rapids at high speeds in an open-air jet boat with Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours. Or for those who prefer options, Niagara Jet Adventures offers both an enclosed and open-air whitewater experience, speeding passengers through the Niagara River aboard high-spec bespoke rigs. Over the hour long adventure, you’ll skim along the surface of the river — the highlight being navigating the Class V rapids of Devil’s Hole. And hold on tight through the 360-degree “Cowboy” spins! 

Take a Scenic Hike

Grab your boots and sense of adventure. You’re guaranteed four seasons of hiking fun in Niagara Falls USA, from surveying a wonderland of ivory trails in winter to exploring lush, green paths in summer. There’s options for all energy levels too, whether it’s a leisurely stroll through Niagara Falls State Park or hopping boulders across the Niagara Gorge Trail System. Fancy some company? The Niagara Region Park Interpretive Programs Office offers free guided hikes year-round.

Bike Scenic Trails

If you’d like to explore Niagara County at your pace, what better way than to saddle up a bike? From mountain biking through vibrant forests to pedaling along the historic Erie Canal Trailway, your journey awaits. First, you’ll need wheels, though. You can rent a bike along Old Falls Street, USA in downtown Niagara Falls or use the social bicycle service, Reddy Bikes in high season. Or if you’d prefer a guided excursion, book Bike the Falls Tour for a narrated ride throughout Niagara Falls State Park and beyond.

Helicopter Ride High Above the Falls

Looking for the ultimate 360-degree view? It doesn’t get much better than a chopper ride over the Falls. Trips glide above the rushing waters on an electric journey from the mighty Upper Niagara River to the Falls themselves. Even more epic? On any sunny day, you’re also guaranteed to catch sight of the famous Niagara rainbow.

Tandam Skydive Near the Falls

Ready for a thrill? Skydive the Falls offers a captivating ride with views of Niagara Falls and the scenic countryside — then prepare to freefall! Next, you'll feel on top of the world as you enjoy a scenic canopy ride back to the landing zone. Add-on a media package to your jump, including a fully-edited video and digital photos. Or opt for the VIP package — a celebratory drink is involved.

Cast Your Line

Casting a line along the Niagara River won’t just guarantee you a fun day — it might get you dinner. The abundant waterways of Niagara Falls USA offer myriad freshwater fish just waiting to bite. It’s not just on the Niagara River, either. Don’t overlook the awesome fishing and angling opportunities on Lake Ontario and the Erie Canal. Grilled trout or salmon, anyone? 

Kayak or Paddleboard New York’s Waterways

Grab a paddle! Kayaking is an excellent way to experience the calmer waters of the region up close and personal. Launch a kayak at Griffon Park or Gateway Harbor Park for a day of paddling on the Erie Canal. You can also register for kayaking, biking, and hiking tours with Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper River Tour program.

Spot a Flock

Niagara Falls USA's richness of wildlife has made it a magnet for one of the hottest (and perhaps unlikeliest) new pursuits for millennials: bird-watching. Nowadays you’ll find hundreds of seasoned and new-wave photographers flocking to the region, hoping to capture their epic National Geographic moment. So sit back, grab your binoculars and enjoy the activity. You may have a Canada goose, an osprey or even a bald eagle on your Instagram feed soon.

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