Ask a Local: Where Can I Find the Best Wings in the Region?

It’s a hot (medium, mild) topic. Here's where they go when you need a chicken-wing fix in the Niagara region.

David Hobba, Facilities Operation Manager at Lewiston’s Artpark

What’s the secret that makes buffalo wings in our area just so special?

“It’s definitely the amount of crisp in our wings — you just gotta have a crispy outer skin. And when it comes to dressings, it’s always blue cheese, never ranch here. That’s really just a sin!”

Where do you get your wings fix?

“Here in Buffalo and Niagara Falls, literally every place that has food has wings. Wegmans [a local grocery chain] even has a wing bar in the prepared foods area. They’re just a great snack for lunch or if you need something quick for dinner when watching the game.”

Where’s your favorite spot for wings in the region?

“That’s a tough question! Buffalonians have battled forever about who has the best, be it either Duff‘s or Anchor Bar. I’m a Duff’s guy myself, with their barbecue from the pit. I find they use a sweeter sauce and then char their wings after frying and saucing so it’s sticky and delicious!”

Vanessa Groeneveld, Director of Marketing & Sales at Niagara Jet Adventures

Where do you stand on the great debate?

“Wings just taste better here! It's where they originated and it's the go-to game food for hockey, baseball and football. We always love and recommend Anchor Bar. There are a few locations, but we love the one in Niagara Falls — attached to the Holiday Inn — as it's the perfect big space to bring our entire crew!”

What’s your wings hot tip?

“Here, they’re hot, crispy and saucy. So make sure you have lots of napkins and remember to ask how hot is hot. For some places, hot is smoking hot! Oh, and you can’t ever go wrong with ordering extra blue cheese.”

Nathan Koscielski, Instructor of Culinary Arts at Niagara Falls Culinary Institute

What makes buffalo wings stand out to you, a chef?

“They’ve got to be made with the perfect combination of a good size chicken wing (not too big and not too small) that has a crispy fried skin, tossed in a spicy and buttery sauce. The celery and blue cheese dressing is the perfect compliment.”

What’s your own perfect wings location?

“For me, it’s the Nine-Eleven Tavern in South Buffalo and Bar Bill Tavern in East Aurora. Both establishments have a limited food menu and focus on serving the best chicken wings possible. It’s perfect with friends and family on a snowy winter night, bellied up to the bar with a cold beer and a good game on.”

Michele DeLuca, Lifestyle/Features Editor at the Niagara Gazette

Would it be fair to say you’re a wings expert?

“Well, two years ago, in a misguided attempt to find the best chicken wings in the region, my newsroom had a chicken wing tasting contest. It was impossible to pick a winner because they were all so darn good, including Buzzy’s, Donatello’s, Judi’s Lounge, Mister B’s, Joey’s, Gagsters and Mr. Ventry’s. Really, just about any Niagara Falls pizzeria’s wings will stand up to the competition.”

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