Fallin for Fallon

On last Tuesday’s “The Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon compared our proud destination to a “Lemony Snicket book cover.” Well, who knew a Lemony Snicket book cover looked so good? Here’s the clip if you didn’t get to see it.

Our Niagara Falls USA is not only home to a gorgeous World Wonder, but it is a place rich in history, culture, outdoor life, shopping, adventure and agriculture. There are hundreds of attractions and things to do in Niagara USA year-round. We need to make sure that Fallon and all of his fans know this, too!

To say that we were shocked to hear of Fallon's comments would be an understatement. But here in Niagara, we are willing to forgive and forget. Unlike Nicole Kidman, we are happy to give Jimmy Fallon one more shot. This is why we're inviting Jimmy Fallon to come spend some time with us in Niagara Falls USA and show him an experience he will truly remember. We're launching a social media campaign with the hashtag #FallinforFallon designed to show Jimmy just how great he looks here.

Can you help? We'd like to band together as a destination and use our combined social media power to spread the word far and wide. If you agree we encourage you to follow the hashtag on TwitterFacebook and Instagram and re-tweet, post and comment. Feel free to do your own posting and use our hashtag to help get America on board with our initiative.

Let's get Fallon to "fall" for the Falls in Niagara USA!

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Michelle Blackley Glynn

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