Thanksgiving Dinner and Wine Pairing Guide

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, there is no better time to plan your menu and begin selecting wine to complement the feast!

From turkey to pumpkin pie, the Niagara Wine Trail USA offers a variety of options to cater to all of your guests' palates this holiday season! See what to serve with the bird, and all the fixings in-between!

Cranberry, with a Twist:

: Cody's Cab Franc (Dry) and Cherry Sunburst (Sweet) is perfect for the cranberry sauce lovers in your family. Price: $23.95 / $12.95 

: Cranberry Wine, a sweet wine that quickly balances out and leaves you with the distinct taste of cranberries.

: Cranberry Wine, a semi sweet fruit with a smooth tart character. Price: $9.99/750ml

: Snowbird, a semi-sweet blend of Baco Noir, concord and real cranberries. Price: $11.50

: Adams' Appleberry, or best known as "Thanksgiving in a Bottle," is a blend of apple and cranberry wines, offers a rich and silky texture and pairs best with turkey. Price: 13.95

The Main Dish and all the fixings:

: Pinot Noir, smooth, dark cherry on the palate, aged one year in oak. Price: $17.95/750ml

: It may Thanksgiving, but Christmas Cider is the perfect pairing for all holiday gatherings! Semi-sweet, delicately spiced with hints of apple, ginger, cinnamon and cloves.

: Chardonnay, lightly oaked with delicate vanilla and Asian pear flavors.

: Gerw�rztraminer, a lighter floral nose with savory spice and a hint of lime and mint! Pairs nicely with turkey, but is best with stuffing! Price: $14.99

: 2012 Pinot Noir, a mix of dried flowers and cinnamon, matches well with turkey and all of the fixings! Price: $19.95

: Canawler Chardonnay, un-oaked chardonnay offering rich, ripe flavors of apples and pears with a butter cream finish. Soft, elegant and perfect for your turkey traditions.

: 2012 Traminette, pronounced aromatics of Lychee candies and green apple, underscored by subtle spice. A rich mid-palate leads to a beautifully crisp and vibrant finish. The subtle honeyed texture and elegant aromatics are elevated by the use of Icewine for sweetening back this unique wine. Price: $12.95

: 2012 Sauvignon Blanc Reserve, bold enough to stand up to a flavorful meat like turkey, and the earthiness with nicely accompany vegetables and mashed potatos. Price: $19.99. Bonus! Mention this blog post at the Winery and receive 15% off any purchase.

: Unoaked Chardonnay, fruit forward wine, hinting flavors of green apple, citrus and white peach. Price: $15.95

A Sweet Ending:

: Spiced Apple, Apple Cranny and Perfect Plum are great for the holidays! All three semi-sweet wines can be warmed with a packet of mulling spice, a stick of cinnamon and sugar to taste!

Prices may vary. 

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