The Power of Tesla

Many visitors to Niagara Falls are soon familiarized with the nine-foot bronzed statue of Nikola Tesla that resides at Niagara Falls State Park, currently in front of the Cave of the Winds entrance.

What many people don't know is how enormous Tesla's contributions to the creation of alternating energy were and that it all began in Niagara Falls.

Tesla moved to the U.S. from Yugoslavia and was the first to create an alternating current energy system that converted the energy of Niagara Falls into electricity in 1896. This electricity was then transmitted over 21 miles from Niagara Falls to Buffalo. The statue of Tesla has presided on Goat Island in Niagara Falls State park for nearly four decades. The statue's presence represents an unspoken tribute to the very man that managed to harness the energies of the beautiful Niagara Falls and make alternating current energy possible.

Recently, Niagara Falls officials decided that they wanted to move the statue from Goat Island towards Buffalo Avenue in the city, where the world's first large-scale alternating current power plant resides. This new location also happens to be closer to downtown tourism routes and places the statue in a place where many people agree it belongs. The Nikola Tesla statue represents the history of Niagara Falls, which is rich with innovation and genius and deserves to be appreciated by people in a location where it is recognized as a symbol of human progress.

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