Western New York Local Restaurant Week

From March 9 -March 15, Western New York will be hosting one of its largest independent restaurant promotions in the country.

Local Restaurant Week is comprised of 200 participating restaurants that range from casual, eclectic, ethnic, to fine dining. Food-lovers from all over will be provided with the chance to discover renowned locally owned eateries and sample featured dishes starting at just $20.15.

The theme for this spring's event is called "Think Social. Eat Local," as a nod to its growing social media presence.

With local restaurants tending to support local vendors, the money that is going into Local Restaurant Week will be contributing immensely to our regional culture. By choosing a local restaurant over a national chain, you are actively making our community stronger all while tasting and experiencing the culture of Western New York.

"The food service industry is the region's second largest employer," said Ellie Grenauer, president of the Western New York Restaurant Association. "Supporting local restaurants means supporting local jobs. All the money diners spend for Local Restaurant Week stays right here in Western New York. It's a big win for everyone."

More information on how you can participate in Local Restaurant Week in  and for a complete list of participating restaurants, visit LocalRestaurantWeek.com.

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