Alternating Currents

This exhibition highlights artwork from artists with biographic and/or thematic ties to the Greater Niagara Region, featuring Tricia Butski, Nate Ely, Zahra Lahrache, Robert Harris, and Bill Wilson. Alternating Currents draws its title from the last Beyond/In biennial (2010), organized by the Albright-Knox, as well as the form of electricity pioneered by Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla, who in the mid 1890’s developed alternating current (AC) which enabled power from Niagara Falls to be transmitted great distances. The system was put into use on November 15,1896 when electric power was transmitted from Niagara Falls to Buffalo. Energetic exchange and illumination have been the conceptual guideposts of this exhibition and each is exemplified in the work of these visual artists. Moreover, while the artists and artwork within Alternating Currents do not speak directly to the mechanics of electricity, they offer moments of transcendent illumination, and alternating currents of theme, discipline, thought, and focus, building into an electric ecosystem. This exhibition is on view in the NACC’s Townsend Gallery (1st Floor). Guided tours are available and must be booked no less than two weeks in advance. Opening Reception will be held on April 3rd, 2pm - 4pm. 

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