Marble Orchard Ghost Walks

They say Lewiston comes “alive” in a whole different way on this walking tour through the historic, haunted Village of Lewiston. Hear the tales of murder and mayhem that left their ghostly imprints in our history. During the 90 minute walk, our offbeat, theatrical guides take you back in time and share ghost stories, myths and tales of tragedy, crime, mayhem and murder — the grim and ghastly deeds of Lewiston’s best... and worst. They’ll provide you with an eerie and fun-filled adventure as you learn about curses, graveyard etiquette and bizarre early medical practices. Step back in time as you walk through the quiet streets of the Village to the cemetery. There you’ll meet more “spirits” and hear their tales of woe. Find out what happened to poor James Going after he died. Hear about Morgan the Mason, who many believe still haunts the Frontier House, and meet Hazel - one of Lewiston’s creepy hags. These stories and more await you in the Marble Orchard. No reservations are necessary.

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