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Wine Liking & Lifestyles

An entertaining and educational wine experience that combines various food and wine tastings along the Niagara Wine Trail

Your host brings to life the whole story – Wine, Winemaking, Food pairing and imagination to make this a one-of-a-kind encounter. With samples of various foods at each stop coupled with the Region’s finest wines, the palate is explored, teased, challenged and delighted!


At Becker Farms & Vizcarra Vineyards, guests are introduced to the Art of Winemaking with an all-encompassing (and fun) experience at one of our Region’s most innovative and exciting Wineries.

Enjoy a wagon wide past the Vineyards and learn how this region is – by means of Agriculture, Geography, Geology and History – uniquely suited to the growing of grapes and other tender fruit.

Guests are served a buffet dinner hosted by both Winemaker and Chef who discuss their wines, their food and the marriage of both. Also, sample Beers brewed at this location (for those so inclined) and learn a brief but entertaining history of Beer making.

Time is allotted to walk the grounds, explore the shops and enjoy one of Niagara’s great family and food stops.


Each stop is presented with a focus on the unique, the innovative, the exciting and the entertaining aspects of Winery and Winemaker. With so many stops to choose from, we select 4 that are among the very best in all of these aspects. Included in our options are:

Schulze Winery – Icewine, Champagne and superb wines are sampled, coupled with a “sinfully sweet” dessert tray to enhance the experience.

Niagara Landing Wine Cellars – “Veggies, Cheeses and Chocolate” combine with a host of excellent samplings to challenge any palate. Try the “Chocolate Red” wine with a piece of excellent chocolate, and you’ll never forget the experience. Who says you can’t drink velvet?

Winery at Marjim Manor – Ghost stories swirl as easily as the excellent vintages sampled here – at a Mansion with over 100 glass windows and an equal number of stories and tales. A fruit tray is served to enhance the flavor, but nothing can prepare you for the effects of laughter from our Host’s stories.

At least one additional winery suited to your Group’s interest and taste – so many to choose from! Lunch at an area stop to be determined at time of booking. Lunch stop to coincide with Wine Tour routing, options presented to client in advance.

$120.00 includes Dinner 1st day, Lunch 2nd day. 5 wineries total. Minimum 4 samplings      of wine at each stop (and a flight of beer at Vizcarra Vineyard or 2 additional wine samples), Icewine and Sparkling Wine at Schulze Vineyards, all food and dessert samples, Guide service.


Guide gratuities not included.
Purchase discounts at select wineries
“Wine Trivia Contest” on Coach with prizes included

For further assistance call
1 877 FALLS US ( 1 877 325 5787)

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