To us, Niagara Falls USA isn’t just another place on the map. We could live anywhere in the world, but we choose to live here and we are proud to say so! It’s where we eat, drink, meet, work and play. It’s the place we call home.

Now more than ever, we are feeling the excitement as new and expanding businesses, large and small, are popping up all across Niagara County. These businesses are our friends, our families and our neighbors.

So we invite you to join in and spread the good news and shine a bright light on what you love about Niagara Falls USA.

Share Away

Because you know this destination like the back of your hand, you are the best ambassador to the millions of visitors from around the world that come here each year – all 8 million visitors, and counting.

When you’re out and about, snap a photo and tag @NiagaraFallsUSA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help spread the word about what a cool place this is. We know you’re already sharing your adventures with thousands of your closest friends on social media, so what’s a million more?

If you want to enhance your knowledge of Niagara Falls USA, become an official expert. Sign up for EXP Niagara, an online training program aimed to expand your customer service knowledge, exceed visitor expectations and create the best visitor experience.

Tell Your Own Story: Be a Blogger for a Day!

Our mission here at Destination Niagara USA is to promote this incredible place to the rest of the world. While we certainly have a lot of those bases covered, we’d love for you to tell your side of the story.

If a visitor wanted to live like a local while they’re here, what would you want them to do and see, and of course, eat! What does your typical Saturday look like? What’s the best kept secret place to hang out in Niagara County? Where do you go to pick apples in the fall?

The possibilities are endless but they are all up to you. Tourists love to hear from locals, just like you!

Review our guidelines below and complete the form if you’d like to be considered! Be sure to provide your email address and we’ll get back to you to work out the rest of the details.

Guest Blogger Guidelines

  • Fact checking is a-must, as we want to ensure our visitors receive accurate information. If we make any changes, we will review them with you before posting.
  • We do not allow links to external websites in guest blog posts.
  • Think happy thoughts! We want you to focus on the positives happening in Niagara Falls USA!
  • Tell us about yourself! We want our visitors to know whose thoughts they are reading so a brief bio and name is required. We’d love a photo too, but that’s optional!

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