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This eight seater golf cart is the property of the popular bar and restaurant Wine on Third, and has a very specific purpose.

If you've driven around Niagara Falls, NY., recently, near Niagara Falls State Park you may have noticed a red golf cart on the road doing its best to blend in with the regular traffic. 

"I'm practically a shuttle." said Brittany Mezhir, one of the regular drivers of the golf cart. "I receive calls from Wine on Third, and then I pick people up from various hotels in the area and drive them to the restaurant, then when they're finished at Wine on Third, they'll ask their server for the shuttle and I'll drive them back to the hotel, or somewhere in Niagara Falls."

Armed with a Bluetooth in her ear, Mezhir drives the cart all over Wine on Third's surrounding area, limited to only the downtown hotels and businesses. People can call 716-285-Wine for use of this complimentary service. Also as a bonus this service is available to everyone, not just people headed to Wine on Third.

"I also will drive people who are walking around the city to the casino or the state park, so the shuttle is not just to the restaurant but to various locations within the area also, if people are walking on let's say Old Falls Street they can ask me for a ride to the casino, or wherever in person." Mezhir said. "I think the service is great for customer relations for the restaurant, it helps transport visitors from the downtown area, and it improves the tourist experience and it's just an overall fun and entertaining time."

The golf cart is a seasonal operation and will run as long as the weather is good.

For a quick, FREE, summertime ride to Wine on Third call 716-285-Wine, or flag down the golf cart and get to your destination in a fun and safe way.

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