New Lights Shine Bright on Niagara Falls

Since 1860, there have been several experimental attempts at lighting Niagara Falls (it’s even been written about in books)!

However, it was not until 1925 that the Niagara Falls Illumination Board was formed to develop a practical strategy for a permanent lighting solution. On May 25th, 1925, an inaugural ceremony was held and for the past 91 years there has been a nightly illumination of the Falls.

The last significant update to the lighting system took place 20 years ago and at the time was considered state of the art. In 2012, the idea to revisit the lighting system came about when Nik Wallenda walked across the Falls and ABC News added additional portable lights for broadcast. Everyone was struck at how beautiful the Falls looked with a sharper, brighter light. Now, after several years of planning and preparing, a new illumination system using LED technology is ready to be unveiled. This new system will significantly enhance the views of the Falls at night with more than two times the current lighting level and a much broader color range. The views will also be clearer and crisper since LED can easily cut through the heavy mist that often envelopes the Falls. Additionally, this new system is more energy efficient, will require less maintenance and represents a 48% reduction in energy costs.

On Thursday, December 1st at 6:10 pm, the "switch will be flipped" on this new illumination system, shining a whole new light on this true marvel of nature. The celebration continues at 6:25pm with a fireworks display. View from Prospect Point or head up to the Observation Deck at the Niagara Falls State Park for an additional vantage point.

Can't make it? Join us on Facebook and watch live! Or visit Niagara Falls State Park year-round and enjoy the illumination nightly.

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