Our seasoned and experienced team of professionals is committed to providing you with the utmost care and attention to detail.

For all general inquiries, please email, info@nfconventioncenter.com.

Jason Murgia
General Manager

Email: jmurgia@nfconventioncenter.com
Phone: (716) 278-2106

Melissa Gearhart
Director of Sales

Email: mgearhart@nfconventioncenter.com
Phone: (716) 278-2105

Tom Acara
Sales Manager

Email: tacara@nfconventioncenter.com
Phone: (716) 278-2104

Ashleigh Frieday
Director of Events

Email: afrieday@nfconventioncenter.com
Phone: (716) 278-2178

Kayla Michael
Events Manager

Email: kmichael@nfconventioncenter.com
Phone: (716) 278-2146

Madison Jorgensen
Event Coordinator

Email: mjorgensen@nfconventioncenter.com
Phone: (716) 278-2109

Aleasha Barrus
Banquet Manager

Email: abarrus@nfconventioncenter.com
Phone: (716) 278-2140

Michael Wilks
Executive Chef

Email: mwilks@nfconventioncenter.com
Phone: (716) 278-2126

John Sullivan
Director of Operations

Email: jsullivan@nfconventioncenter.com
Phone: (716) 278-2128

Michael Carter
Operations Manager

Email: mcarter@nfconventioncenter.com

Robert Brown
Operations Hand

Email: rbrown@nfconventioncenter.com

Heather Procknal
Director of Finance

Email: hprocknal@nfconventioncenter.com 
Phone: (716) 278-2119

Katie Miller
Staff Accountant

Email: kmiller@niagarafallsusa.com
Phone: (716) 278-2102

Ann Marie Conrad
Office Coordinator

Email: aconrad@nfconventioncenter.com 
Phone: (716) 278-2124