We put the pedal to the metal and the volume to 11 as our Captain's blast their favorite playlist as they take you on a fun, up-tempo journey along the Class 5 rapids in the Niagara River. Sit back and relax? Not on this boat tour, which is no ordinary ride. True to its name, Niagara Jet is fueled with adventures -a thrill a minute as you scream across the mighty whirlpool rapids, with a few exciting turns and 360-degree spins thrown in along the way. Get wet (actually, get soaked), or stay dry – the choice is yours! It's a "must-do" experience for any visit to Niagara Falls USA and the surrounding region.

  • ADA Compliant
  • 555 Water Street
  • Youngstown, NY  14174
  • Phone: (716) 745-7121
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