Catch the Rhythm this Friday

Niagara Falls, NY -- HYDRO NF (Happening, Youthful & Driven, Reinventing our Niagara Falls) is hosting a drum circle every other Friday until September 21.

Niagara Falls is the latest city to host drum circles 

The rhythm begins at 6 p.m. until dusk at Heritage Park, Niagara Falls USA near Old Falls Street and Prospect Street across from the Red Coach Inn (look for gazebo and HYDRO flag). Dates of upcoming drum circles are July 13, July 27, Aug. 10, Aug. 24, Sept. 7, and Sept. 21.

"Come feel the force of the rapids highlighted with the energy of collective drumming!" HYDRO NF said in their invitation.  Limited drums are provided, so bring your own drum or percussion instrument. Dancers and hula hoopers are also welcome to participate.

Drum circles are a rapidly growing activity with events frequently held throughout the country and internationally. Some are held weekly, monthly or on the night of a full moon. Many take place outside vacation destinations and major cities and are easily found near your next destination. California, New York City and Florida are just a few of the locations. 

Created by Jeff Deming and Kristin Meyer, HYDRO NF founders, drumming can be therapeutic and relaxing, spiritual, educational and simply entertaining. Many organizations and communities use drum circles to instill a sense of teamwork, communication, confidence and creativity while simultaneously enhancing leadership skills, inclusion, awareness and unity.

"A friend experienced a drum circle first hand in Asheville, NC and I thought - what a great way to bring people together, and even better with music," Meyer said. "There is a need for more cultural events in Niagara Falls and instead of focusing on what divides us - the drum circle is creating cohesion.

"People of all ages, races and demographics come together and create something beautiful, sporadic and spontaneous," she said. "Even tourists stop by to drum."

This multicultural, multigenerational activity brings communities together through the universal language of music. A drum circle can range from a few to many participants who collaborate to experience the spontaneous creation of music. Musical experience is not necessary. What makes a drum circle unique is that there is no beginning or end, emphasizing equality and a unity of consciousness.

HYDRO NF aims to promote positive energy in the Niagara USA community, through encouragement of new and innovative ideas and events and activities that exist in our own backyard. HYDRO NF supports and preserves Niagara Falls, reinvigorating the energy and enthusiasm intrinsic to our world wonder.

The mission of the Niagara Tourism & Convention Corporation (NTCC) is to expand the economic prosperity of the Niagara USA communities by generating individual and group visitation.

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