Destination Niagara USA Awarded $1.2 Million CARES Act Grant for Outdoor Promotion

Niagara Falls, NY— In March, the Federal Government awarded $1.2 million in Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding to help the Lake Ontario fishing charter industry to recover from losses suffered through the loss of business and shutdowns due to COVID-19. The funds are being managed through Destination Niagara USA, in partnership with Outdoor Sportsman Group (OSG), the Lake Ontario Charter Boat Association, the Lake Ontario Sportfishing Promotion Council and the New York Department of Environmental Conservation. These funds will allow Destination Niagara USA to market world-class sportfishing opportunities offered through the charter industry on Lake Ontario.  

Through media outlets under the umbrella of the OSG, local captains will be featured on In-Fishermen television segments, commercials on the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network, Bigwater Adventures with Mark Davis, in addition to advertorial content and articles in seven different outdoor publications. Additional digital and social media will enhance the promotion of fishing captains on Lake Ontario. “The Niagara River and Lake Ontario have some of the best sport fishing in the country, and this additional funding will assist in furthering our reach and promoting the destination to a wider audience,” says Frank Campbell, Outdoor Promotions Director at Destination Niagara USA.  

OSG will be promoting the charter industry along the New York shorelines of Lake Ontario from the Niagara River to the St. Lawrence River and all ports in between. “Outdoor adventure, specifically fishing, is a year-round economic driver for Niagara Falls USA. This CARES Act Grant will be instrumental in helping us to promote the destination beyond Niagara Falls and into other parts of Niagara County,” states  John Percy, President and CEO of Destination Niagara USA. In 2022, efforts by Destination Niagara USA resulted in 136 outdoor media hits, totaling 12,867,343 impressions.  

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Destination Niagara USA works to ensure Niagara County is a preferred international destination for group and leisure travel. It supports its mission to expand the economic prosperity of Niagara County by generating individual and group visitation. For more information, visit

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